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Passionate about Snakes,

Design and Nerdy things.

Hello my name is Tasmyn Clark - I am a Canadian Snake Breeder, Graphic/Motion Designer, and Writer.


Nerdy Noods

In 2018 I returned to school for Graphic Design - While up late one night I was going through the random playlist that YouTube suggested for me and came across a video about snakes. I got curious, watched more videos, and found myself extremely fascinated with the genetics of these curious noodles. Ball Pythons in particular were fascinating to me because of the variety of patterns and colours they could come in. I found myself putting together design work featuring snakes - and my obsession with reptiles became too much to bare. After much debate and saving up money I found myself purchasing Muffin, a Coral Glow/Banana 2018 Male, as my Christmas Gift to myself. I then went to my very first reptile expo in Toronto in January and returned home with Eclipse, a Black Pewter 2018 Female produced by Jayson Marshall Exotics (Now Roun Da Bay Reptiles). I went from someone with no previous reptile ownership experience to two snakes in less then a month. Two amazing snakes who showed me the wonders of snake ownership.

Snakes filled the perfect outlet in my life. Their unique patterns, colours, and personalities make them an excellent addition to my life. I wanted to share that with as many people as possible and break the stigma of snakes. From either a cute sticker to your very first pet snake, I wanted to be part of peoples appreciation for these misunderstood animals.

I wanted to combine my passion for art and design with my love for snakes. Myself and my colleagues work on designs to be used on Print-On-Demand services like Printful, Redbubble, Society6, and more. 

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